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Event Planning

event planning bay area limo service

Professional Limo Services for your events – Attractive Discounts

We at Noble Limousine would like to introduce you to our professional Bay Area Limousine services. We have a track record in serving the transportation needs of Bay Area events, including:

  1. All ground transportation for groups up to 150 persons, including airport arrival, departure, mass transit for attending events, annual sales conferences, marketing meetings and convention transportation
  2. Ability to provide different types of tours for first-time visitors to the area on their free or leisure time, including San Francisco tours or wine country tours
  3. Ability to provide all day vehicle(s) for corporate clients who have a need to attend several meetings in one day in various locations
  4. Offer attractive discounts and special offers to event planners
  5. Professionally handling transportation needs for events’ for Bay Areas established businesses (references available on request)

Check out our fleet:

Noble Limousine is a trusted and professional transportation company serving the entire Bay Area for the past 7 years. We have one of the largest limo fleets in the Bay Area, a wide range selection of luxurious limos available for your events.

Call us today to enjoy the above special event-planners discount, and mention discount code EP07. Different billing options are available.